JSEditor v0.6 has been launched!

Click here to start v0.6

New version has Wikidot API connectivity using Wikidot's jQuery API plugin.
Unfortunately, offline is still being tweaked at the moment. It will be released as v0.6.1.


  • New features (Save, Import, Preview)
  • Revamp of UI. Designed for Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Works with IE.
  • ListUsers prompt has been removed for the time being due to new UI.
  • v0.6.1. will be 100% Chrome 5+ compatible without workaround
  • Dockable preview prompt together with a floating preview dialog.


  • Import is a little buggy, non-existing pages are don't have errors
  • Import is a little buggy, manually close import prompt after import
  • Auto-save doesn't work fully. Current implementation is actually "Express Save" meaning it bypasses save options
  • Download version will not have Import.


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